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‘Listen – are you breathing a little and calling it a life?’ MARY OLIVER


Positive mental and emotional wellbeing is the vital sign that says you are living the life you were born for.

Instead, suicide rates are on the increase. In the UK, suicide is now the biggest killer of people under 35 years old. Many of these young people are in universities and colleges, where not only students, but also teachers and staff, struggle to manage anxiety, depression, overwhelm and burnout. Many to the point they want to quit.

Places of higher education should be the launch pad for hugely needed deep, transformative impact on the growing crises of this world. Places that generate positivity, creativity, and empowerment – not misery and endurance.

LifeRoute is a hub that invites and incubates new thinking, new pedagogy in education, and new languages of expression that are values-based. Its Caring on Campus initiative especially focuses on the creation of a culture of compassion that can ripple out to give greatest societal impact. There is no better solution if we are to hope for a future where we all can grow and thrive together.

Encouragement in Academia

It’s Time to Sharpen Up

A photography firm apologised after parents were offered a choice of whether they wanted class photos with or without pupils with complex needs. The underlying issue has to be that separate photos were allowed to be taken in the first place. It was a golden...

A Campus is an Ecosystem

It's hard for students to have a good day if educators are having a bad one. Improving staff wellbeing and mental health is an important issue in and of itself. Yet, recent research indicates that university staff have higher levels of stress and burnout than the...

Let’s name LOVE

Is it possible we have become silenced to use the word 'love' in the workplace, and especially in formal education settings? It's as if the English word 'love' has become an unacceptable word to use in many workplace contexts, including education, health, and...

No Brakes

2023: World breaches 1.5C warming threshold for full year. It's self-destruction with no brakes. It can no longer be argued otherwise. Very, very soon now, and definitely sooner than most of us want to believe, we will get to the point where our planet will no longer...

Systems & Snakes

What does a snake eating its own tail signify? Some say it symbolises infinity. We say it symbolises the infinite capacity within higher education institutions to limp on since the mid-20th century without fundamental changes. How would we feel stepping into a...

We All Need A Docking Station

Docking is different to simply parking. A connection is made when something docks: whether it is a ship's hawser tied to the quay or a module locking onto a space station. Docking says you are now in a stable and secure landing place where you can offload, download,...

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