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‘Listen – are you breathing a little and calling it a life?’ MARY OLIVER


Positive mental and emotional wellbeing is the vital sign that says you are living the life you were born for.

Instead, suicide rates are on the increase. In the UK, suicide is now the biggest killer of people under 35 years old. Many of these young people are in universities and colleges, where not only students, but also teachers and staff, struggle to manage stress, depression, worry and overwhelm. Many to the point they want to quit.

Places of higher education should be the launch pad for hugely needed deep, transformative impact on the growing crises of this world. Places that generate positivity, creativity, and empowerment – not misery and endurance.

LifeRoute is a hub that invites and incubates new thinking, new pedagogy in education, and new languages of expression that are values-based. It sees no other solution if we are to hope for a future where we all can grow and thrive together.

Encouragement in Academia

Simply Spirit

Don't get suicidal over confusion about what you are. It's the WHO you are inside that matters. The body, its gender and its outward appearance, have all become such a big factor in how we express ourselves, but you can sidestep so much of the misery this can cause....

Role Model

If we want to genuinely do good in this world, then we must first achieve a constant healthy state of mental and emotional wellbeing. It will be an uphill struggle otherwise. Sometimes a responsibility lands in our lap, as it did of the late Queen Elizabeth II. Or you...

The World’s Most Played Song

The world’s most played song is the one we keep singing to ourselves, often all day long. You can spot it in conversations when it is clear no one is really listening. Hearing, yes (maybe), but not listening to a level where they are engaging their mind and heart with...

Systems & Snakes

What does a snake eating its own tail signify? Some say it symbolises infinity. We say it symbolises the infinite capacity within higher education institutions to limp on since the mid-20th century without fundamental changes. How would we feel stepping into a...

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