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‘Listen – are you breathing a little and calling it a life?’ MARY OLIVER


Positive mental and emotional wellbeing is the vital sign that says you are living the life you were born for.

Instead, suicide rates are on the increase. In the UK, suicide is now the biggest killer of people under 35 years old. Many of these young people are in universities and colleges, where not only students, but also teachers and staff, struggle to manage stress, depression, worry and overwhelm. Many to the point they want to quit.

Places of higher education should be the launch pad for hugely needed deep, transformative impact on the growing crises of this world. Places that generate positivity, creativity, and empowerment – not misery and endurance.

LifeRoute is a hub that invites and incubates new thinking, new pedagogy in education, and new languages of expression that are values-based. It sees no other solution if we are to hope for a future where we all can grow and thrive together.

Encouragement in Academia

In The Swamp?

Higher education can be a hugely demanding work environment with many things to balance. So it's hard to remember when it feels you are up to your ears in hungry alligators that your priority should be to drain the swamp. But what is the alternative? Using all your...

Kindness promotes Efficacy

A source of upliftment for those of us who have huge interest and deep concern for wellbeing within UK tertiary education is an article published by Wonkhe 24 April 2023 entitled Even in turbulent times the OIA can practise kindness in adjudicating complaints. Written...

Be Your Own Zero Waste Initiative

A Spring 2023 Paris fashion catwalk is bang-on-trend! The United Nations General Assembly has now declared 30 MARCH as the International Day of Zero Waste. It highlights the importance of ZERO WASTE Initiatives. How about we start with the biggest source of waste most...

HE for Social Justice

STRIVING FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE is the MOST VALUABLE CONTRIBUTION we can all make in life. It is the commonly held belief that equality in education is a powerful tool to help bring about Social Justice. But we need to add, only if the chosen pedagogies also enable the...


Silos… leading to ISOL-ation. UK universities and business schools structured so that departments isolate and feel 'specialised', or are so absorbed in research pursuits that they have no time or interest in anyone else. Leading to professional imbalance and burnout....

No Brakes

It's self-destruction with no brakes. It can no longer be argued otherwise. Very, very soon now, and definitely sooner than most of us want to believe, we will get to the point where our planet will no longer be able to supply the resources we continue to demand from...

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