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Our Ethos

At LifeRoute, we believe that wellbeing is a fundamental right for every person, but that this right applies equally to every living thing that exists on this planet.

It is simple ECO-nomics: That a wellbeing ecosystem is the result of a wellbeing economy, and that this comes about as the natural consequence of living values-based lives.

The fundamental building block to all forms of education must therefore be where the student is constantly guided to explore and to establish their own inner positive qualities and values, otherwise it is not learning but only knowledge sharing.

It is this, above all else, that will help steer every individual towards their destined contribution in life and which will automatically also create self-confidence and inner wellbeing.  The deeply concerning, quantified reports of low mental wellbeing in Scottish Universities, and probably in the UK in general, if not further afield, confirm this is not happening.

And without inner wellbeing, how on earth can we think we are equipped to tackle the intricate problems in the world that now need to be solved?

There can be no hope for success over the global challenges we now face unless we know how to connect to our innermost human values and to use them as our ongoing reference point in every breath. Even a compass needle needs ‘True North’ as its constant.

“If we change ourselves, the tendencies of the world would also change.” MAHATMA GANDHI

LIFEROUTE says: “The power to change is the power that comes from living by our values.”

Where core values – such as respect, honesty, responsibility, fairness, compassion –  are seen to be acted out by our politicians, educators, industry and community leaders – and where in recent times there has been a clear absence of this,  then we can also begin to have a credible basis for hope.

LifeRoute does not charge for any of its resources, events or inputs. It operates on philanthropic principles for the Common Good but welcomes donations that enable further initiatives to be possible.

We invite conversations, explorations, and collaborations with individuals, institutions, and organisations who share our ethos.

Together we can make the systemic change we now need in both teaching and learning.

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