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Silos… leading to ISOL-ation. UK universities and business schools structured so that departments isolate and feel ‘specialised’, or are so absorbed in research pursuits that they have no time or interest in anyone else. Leading to professional imbalance and burnout.

Teachers left ‘to get on with it’ in how they design and deliver modules. And likewise students left to figure out their own ways to manage, with overloaded student support services being used as the ultimate catching net… except it fails too often to do so.  It all adds up to be like the worst Greek tragedy caught up in a revolving door.

It’s time to step back and put a stop to it all. Too much brilliance is being lost or wasted simply because the CARE isn’t given to personal VALUES and to use them to polish every single diamond that is a teacher, a student, and all those in HE support services.

If Education for Sustainable Development, with its enlightened vision of being included in every subject module, is to optimised, then both teachers and students also need to learn how to sustain themselves and each other mentally, emotionally, spiritually. No-one can be expected to fix the world if they struggle with their own self-maintenance, which means knowing how to move our consciousness forward in a way that provides ongoing strength and confidence. The recent resignation of Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand Prime Minister and considered by many as a sparkling star of hope, is an example of the losses we face.

World Education Day 2023 is the chosen launch day for Caring on Campus.  A philanthropy initiative that seeks to encourage and to help facilitate cultures of CARE. Care means giving attention, care means sustenance, care means the giving of pure energy, care means educere. And educere shapes all of our future.

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