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…The UnWelcome

It takes us to scary places, but that’s also where the buried treasures lie.

When we learn we are Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Lyra Silver-tongue… Where we re-discover all that is strong and brave and good within us.

It’s a good way to define spirituality.

The buried treasure lies at the bottom of the deep WELL of our inner being. We reach it through making a spiritual connection with ourselves. That is, assert the fact that first and foremost we are spirit. Not that we are body and soul, but we are soul within the container of a body through which we can express ourselves.

The original nature of every human soul is positivity, purity, peace and power. We have everything already within us that we need to get through tough times. So when we are well, it means there is an easy and ongoing access to our innermost natural qualities of goodness.

A wellhead is the name given to the source of a spring that then feeds into the river, lake, or well. If we are unwell, it means we have allowed our wellhead to get choked up by negative, unhelpful thoughts, or we have contaminated it with toxic beliefs. Stay healthy, keep your wellhead clear.

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