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Simply Spirit

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Don’t get suicidal over confusion about what you are. It’s the WHO you are inside that matters. The body, its gender and its outward appearance, have all become such a big factor in how we express ourselves, but you can sidestep so much of the misery this can cause.

Keep it simple. You are spirit.

A quantum spark of consciousness that is packaged into a body. PROOF? Even if you are wearing no clothes or makeup, you are blind, deaf, mute and paralysed – there would still be that awareness, like a  voice inside your head, saying ‘I’m HERE, I’m ME!’

And what is Spirit? Spirit is both male and female: masculine and feminine qualities, How they balance in you is nature’s way of making you unique and perfect. It is simply a body that is ‘He’ or ‘She’ – a lump of flesh.

Just like there are the primary colours that make up the rest of the palette, all human spirits have the same primary qualities, which not surprisingly are also what everyone wants and values most: Peace, Truth, Love, Happiness and Strength. See everyone using this lens, starting with yourself.

When you do this, it of course blows open the whole debate of DEI – Diversity, Equality, Inclusion – and where the solution is numbingly simple…
KISS – Keep It Simple, Spirit.

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