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The World’s Most Played Song

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The world’s most played song is the one we keep singing to ourselves, often all day long. You can spot it in conversations when it is clear no one is really listening. Hearing, yes (maybe), but not listening to a level where they are engaging their mind and heart with yours. If you go on social media platforms, no matter what time and on what channel, you can see/hear the song being played.

It’s the same song that justifies the incessant extraction, manufacturing, and rampant, unnecessary consumerism that has driven us into climate and environmental crises – like a tune that we just can’t get out of our head.

Have you guessed the name of the song yet? Here are a couple of more clues …

It’s also the song that is being sung because we are lost, because we have spiritual amnesia. Sadly, in places of higher education and quality learning, you also hear it in the traditional, didactic way of teaching that is the ‘what I insist on telling all of you’ approach. The focus is on the educator as the alpha in the room.

Yes! It’s the ‘Me, Me, Me’ song. It is best sung to the same melody as Westminster Chimes, which church bells sound before striking the hour. A helpful chance to sing along if for any reason one has forgotten about it for a while!

And the words are very easy to learn and remember. They go like this:

Me, me, me, me
Me, me, me, me.
Me me, me, me.
Me, me, me, me.

Why is it especially sad that this song can be heard so often in our higher education institutions?
Surely it is from our higher education institutions that we can place the most hope, where through inspiring educators and inspired students, we can re-create a world that unites to sing instead: ‘It is only when you are well that I can also truly be well.’

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