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World Kindness Day

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World Kindness Day – 13 Nov 2022 – and also COP27 is in full flow. World leaders in conference to work out how they can divert a world catastrophe, yet where the impression given is that uppermost for most is what best they can protect and retain rather than what they can give up and contribute to the solution.

Let us be reminded of the words of Jean-Francois Clervoy, CNES and ESA astronaut and veteran of three NASA Space Shuttle missions:

“The Earth does not need to be saved… She just needs to be loved.”

In other words, Clervoy’s feeling from outer space was that our Planet, our Mother, carries the innate wisdom where it knows how it can repair itself. It has all the power of all the elements and we are but tiny insects in comparison. But the ingredient that we need in order to repair and restore ourselves as worthy human inhabitants, is love. It is only when we can truly let go of self interest and live fully through kindness, respect and consideration; to ourselves, to each other, to all living things in nature and to the elements, that we can retain the right to remain.

Which brings us to the aims of education: the thing that allegedly enhances our ability to live elevated lives. In other words, through which we become better enabled to make intelligent and loving, caring choices. If a student does not see kindness in the eyes and manner of the educator, then can we say that education is truly taking place?

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