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World Values Day

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In a world that seems to be getting more crazy and more extreme every day, what do you have that keeps you anchored and stable? Definitely nothing external to yourself can be relied upon. Or even anything physical like the body and its health. Or for that matter mental illness, as no-one chooses to have mental health struggles.

The answer is VALUES – the innately wise beliefs we choose to hold about what is right and wrong, what is important, and therefore how we each want to live our life. This is true empowerment because it means that even in the extreme darkest of times, we can remain unshakeable and strong, because we know who we are through the language of values and no matter what, can stay true to ourselves.

When the ‘Who am I?’ can be answered using the language of values, it is then a stepping stone towards knowing one’s purpose, and that gives us all the courage, strength and determination for what lies ahead.

This is an especially important target outcome in Higher Ed, as its influence is immense and far-reaching. Be it research, graduates going back into teaching, business, politics and all other forms of changemaking in the wider world.

Where we can express ourselves through our values, how different the conversations then become!  And how much easier to find a way through or around impasse and towards dialogues of co-operation collaboration, and workable, liveable compromise.

Liferoute is now the proud home of CaringonCampus, and if you are in Academia, please add your voice, your values, your hopes and dreams for our collective future.

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