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No Brakes

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2023: World breaches 1.5C warming threshold for full year.

It’s self-destruction with no brakes. It can no longer be argued otherwise. Very, very soon now, and definitely sooner than most of us want to believe, we will get to the point where our planet will no longer be able to supply the resources we continue to demand from it. Even worse, the supply of even basic needs: food, clean water, breathable air and secure shelter for all its inhabitants is already starting to collapse due to irreversible ecological imbalances.

This is why what has now to happen is the Saving Us From Ourselves.

What is wrong with us that we don’t bring things to a halt? What does it say about what we decide as relevant and most important?  What has been the classroom education that has played a major part to lead to this human condition? After all, to quote Skinner:Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.’

In all our technological and philosophical advances, it seems they have also served to distance us increasingly further from the heart of our human spirit and what truly matters. No – not football. But our values.  Where values are not to be confused with ethics and morality which are shaped by cultures and societal influences, and which if we are honest, we use to argue as a basis to manipulate for what we want.

How can all learners (and all good educators also consider themselves as learners) help stem the flow and turn the tide? This book, available as a free download from the Poems For Parliament website, offers questions we have to start asking. But more importantly, to then pursue to the point of taking action towards a sustainable lifestyle that every single one of us now has to chase if we are to achieve.







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