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It’s Time to Sharpen Up

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A photography firm apologised after parents were offered a choice of whether they wanted class photos with or without pupils with complex needs. The underlying issue has to be that separate photos were allowed to be taken in the first place.

It was a golden opportunity missed by attending teachers to lead by example, to advocate for marginalised children and to demonstrate in practice what it means to champion the rights of all children, through the refusal for the photography to commence until all pupils were present.

If the design and delivery of curricula within Initial Teacher Learning degree courses were founded on a solid reference point of core human values, it would not have been possible for this to happen.

We need values to come back to the HEart of all education, and where Higher Education is a vital pinch point. Read the full thought piece on our Latest Insights page, and get directly in touch if you care enough to be part of Caring on Campus: HEart in Higher Education.

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